Our Work

Our Work


Current Needs:


Motorcycles or engine bikes – for transportation in the hinterlands of the sick and supplies. Infrastructure improvement – school and community playgrounds; walkways and bridges; toilets, restrooms, urinals or conveniences; classrooms, laboratories, and libraries; benches, tables, and chalkboards; drilled pump-fitted water wells, etc. Community and school instructional resources – DVDs, computers, laptops, printers, textbooks, fees, uniforms, etc. Grassroots training workshops – empowerment and micro-credit opportunities; public healthcare education, etc.




NAF has raised funds through voluntary contributions of individuals and businesses to assist with healthcare costs, school fees, books, school uniforms, scholarships, and more. NAF has also donated seed money to empower many school leavers and the vulnerable.


  • NAF Scholarship Assistance Program
  • Community Water Project
  • Hospital Feeding
  • Loans for Start-Up Projects
  • Cultural Life Celebrations (Cry Dies)
  • Belleh Church Project
  • Sponsoring a school, orphanage, or community need
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